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We have developed an EDI ToolKit for integrating enterprise software with EDI translators when EDI and ERP functions are separated.  The Tool Kit can lower costs and improve your ability to respond to changes in trading partner and business practices. We also work with ERP gateways when direct mapping into the ERP application files is the preferred solution.


Our EDI Design Philosophy

IMC will create an EDI solution to your specifications. Having said that, we believe there is one EDI design concept that should always be considered: Manage the flow of data using middleware that resides between the EDI translator software and your business application database.

The role of middleware in a successful EDI implementation
Suppose your company charges an extra $5.00 handling for orders under $500.00. Enforcing this policy is easy when you key orders, but when orders arrive electronically this policy has to be carried out by a coded instruction within a program.  A typical eCommerce implementation will spawn hundreds of these codified policies, driven not only by the seller but also by outside influences like customers, industry associations and regulatory agencies. These policies form a constant moving target as contracts and agendas change shape. Hard coding policies in ERP systems or with translator packages creates an inflexible, time consuming and non responsive solution to changes in software products and business practices. If kept in middleware, these policies are isolated from changes.

The eCommerce mechanism sits right in the middle of your revenue stream, so you cannot afford a solution that does not provide absolute and reliable control over how these policies are executed. 


With EDI you can accept orders, generate invoices, receive acknowledgements and send shipping documents. Manage consignment warehousing and a variety of other trading partner relationships efficiently by integrating documents transported via EDI and E-Commerce enablers directly with your business system. 

IMC provides full EDI implementation solutions from traditional mapping and setup to integration with business systems.  We’ll participate in your EDI project at any level you desire.  Whether it be in a purely supporting role where we direct your staff or in charge of the complete project, IMC will make sure that your EDI project is a success.  We can manage the project and work with your trading partners to free up your time and resources.

Our experience covers the full range of ANSI-X12 and EDIFACT documents for order procurement, invoicing, shipping, inventory control, purchasing and payments. We work with TLE/400, Inovis TLi, Extol, Gentran and BPCS ECM adapters using VANs, FTP, AS1 or AS2 communications.

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