Supports ANSI and EDIFACT EDI, extensible for XML, EDIINT, web commerce and other technologies.  Integration is about more than just standards compliance.  It's about how we model data, codify practices, enforce rules, ensure accuracy and deliver information on time. The ETK Toolkit is a bridge in the space between the commerce enabler product (usually the EDI Translator) and the business system.

Is tailored to fit your business, designed to accommodate change.  No enterprise is exactly like yours, not even your own company a year from now. Your commerce solution should be flexible and open to customization.

Speeds workflow, enhances accuracy.  Captures shipping events, handles UCC128 labels, pre-configured and non-configured loads, crossdocks, distribution centers, VICS Bill of Lading, ANSI 856, EDIFACT DESADV, plus custom links to email and fax servers.

Maintains shipping history for audit, reporting and reprint.  It knows trading partner rules for labels and documents, guides the user through complex procedures and validates everything before documents are released.

Will interface with any enterprise package, any translator.  Standard interfaces to BPCS and JD Edwards ERP solutions, plus Inovis Trusted Link EDI, but easily modified to work with any ERP system or EDI translator. Sharply defined connection logic eases custom interface design and minimizes impact on the ERP package.

Provides building blocks for new challenges and new functions.  The ETK is a foundation for building new applications. Modular construction and sound application development principles form a highly extensible resource.

Is built with mainstream programming and development tools.  Fully supported by IBM next year and for years to come.  Complete source repository included.


Our EDI Tool Kit is a robust and cost-effective architecture for EDI and Internet Commerce integration, backed by a resourceful, effective and dependable technical support team.  With its' large repository of file sets and programs, we use the EDI Toolkit to customize an EDI solution to suite your needs.  The result: An in-time, on-budget  EDI project.

The EDI ToolKit:

Incorporates code from past client successes.  Any code or design elements from other client projects is added to the package.  Being able to pick and choose Toolkit “pieces” allows us to develop an EDI solution customized to your unique requirements in a shorter period of time.  We never start from scratch.

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