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In our ETK design approach, the ERP connector tends to be a comparitively small program, isolated in a compartment where it can be effectively managed.  Our integration solution is running at companies that use BPCS, JD Edwards, PRMS, Frontier and other major ERP suites, so we rarely have to build connectors from scratch.  Objects included in this group are:

  • Application interface files and their DDS specifications
  • Application interface programs and ERP connection programs
  • Compartmentalized enterprise software interfaces make it easier for the EDI Tool Kit to be used with any ERP solution
  • Exhaustive internal documentation explains our practices and shop standards

Utility Programs
Included in this category are programs that allow interface file data entry and print operations. These utilities are useful for prototyping and debugging, ad hoc error handling, and as a means to start EDI operations on a rip-and-read basis when the trading partner deadline arrives before the interface programs are ready.

  • File maintenance programs
  • File listing and audit reports
  • File purge routines
  • Field reference file generator
  • Application control files and maintenance routines

The ToolKit documentation is published in Microsoft Word format.  Print, edit and enhance as needed.  Documentation includes:   

  • Programming notes
  • Database design tips
  • Process and data flow diagrams
  • Program run guides
  • Setup examples


Application Interface Programs

These programs transport data back and forth between the business application database and the EDI interface database.  In an 850 Purchase Order interface design, the process might go something like this:

      1.  Customer orders are received into the EDI translator mailbox.

      2.  The EDI translator moves data into our interface database file set.

      3.  An application interface program reads the interface file set and writes records into a batch order input database   

           that is compatible with the order entry system.

      4.  At the end of this process, EDI orders are written to your order entry system.

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