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EDIFACT In-Bound Mode Documents

APERAK - Application Advice
CONTRL - Document Control
DELFOR - Delivery Forecast
DELJIT - Shipping Schedule
INVRPT - Inventory Report
RECADV - Receiving Advice
REMADV - Remittance Advice     

EDIFACT Out-Bound Documents

CONTRL - Document Control
DESADV - Shipment Advice
INVOIC - Invoice
INVRPT - Inventory Report    

ANSI X.12 Out-Bound Documents

810 Invoice
850 Purchase Order
855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
856 Advance Ship Notice
864 Text
867 Product Transfer Notice
870 Order Status Report
940 Warehouse Shipping Order

ANSI X.12 In-Bound Documents

810 Invoice
820 Remittance Advice
824 Application Advice
830 Planning Schedule
850 Purchase Order
856 Advance Ship Notice
860 Purchase Order Change Notice
861 Receiving Advice
862 Shipping Schedule
864 Text
869 Order Status Inquiry
945 Warehouse Shipping Advice
997 Functional Acknowledgment

Interface Files
Interface files perform two functions: to model document content and to facilitate processing strategies. Since the database has enormous influence on the effectiveness of programs, it’s pretty hard to overstate the importance of good database design.  File sets include


The EDI Tool Kit is the summation of 20 years eCommerce integration work.  Anything we have done that we think worthwhile to pass on to other clients is in this repository.  You will find more than 250,000 lines of debugged code representing many thousands of man hours and more than $3 Million investment to date.   Modular construction and sound application development principles form a highly extensible resource.

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